Being An Electrician With

My Electric Guys, INC

(Very) High Wages

We are committed to paying our electricians more than anyone else. In fact, on average our electricians make about 50% more with us than they would at another firm.

Set Your Own Hours

As an independent contractor, you get the luxury of setting your own hours, holidays, and days of the week you are available.

Easy-to-use technology

All our electricians use our revolutionary field-technology that allows us to offer such low rates to customer and such high wages to electricians.

1099 Contractor

Our electricians are not employees, but are rather 1099 independent contractors. Applicants should understand the implications of this prior to applying.

Job Security

Our rapid expansion into a nationwide company means that you have job security even if you decide to move to an entirely different region.

Interested In Partnering With Us?


Submit an application online

Click here to view and submit our online application.

Your application should explain why you are an ideal candidate to be given the opportunity to partner with My Electric Guys.


Interview with our hiring team

After reviewing your online application, our hiring team may reach out to you to schedule a formal (video) interview.



Get to work!

If our hiring team extends you the opportunity to partner with us as an independent contractor, our onboarding team will contact you to help you get aquatinted with our technologies and processes.